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Duckie Brown's line comes out fighting. At least that's what Cat thinks those yellow gloves are for.

Fashion Week: For the Boys

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Grunge grows up at Duckie Brown?

Cat thought Friday's Fashion Week shows were going to be good for men, with

John Bartlett


Perry Ellis


Duckie Brown

all on tap. But Cat was wrong. Sorry boys, but there's nothing much to report: You all still get to look like some bastard child of J. Crew and Ralph Lauren living on your snowy ranch in Connecticut. Sweaters. Yep. Cords. Back again.

Even Duckie Brown, which is a perennial Denver fav for reasons that completely escape Cat, was less than awe-inspiring. Oooo, colored driving gloves with a so-so suit, that'll get em. But if not, try the piece de resistance: flannel shirt under a suit. That way, if you suddenly find yourself having to do work on said ranch, you could take your suit jacket off and at least not look like a helpless sod. Even his men's blazers were so over-sized that the models looked like they were playing dress up in their fathers' closets.

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...or this. Thanks Duckie Brown.
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There's really nothing left to say about this...

All did not have to be lost, but Perry Ellis failed to save the day, either. Things do not look promising for the men in fall 2007. Then again, considering that a baseball cap and Pumas can count as high style here, maybe we should take any pointers we can get.

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Cat would like to welcome you to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
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Um, no. No, no and no, Perry Ellis.

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