Fatal Shooting Near Montbello RTD Park-N-Ride, No Arrests Yet

As we noted in our post about a Craigslist-related Make My Day shooting in Littleton that that left one man dead, pre- and post-game coverage of the Broncos' AFC championship game win overwhelmed coverage of many other newsworthy events this past weekend.

Another example: a shooting near an RTD park-n-ride in Montbello.

One man was killed in the incident, which took place on Saturday evening, January 23.

Thus far, there haven't been any arrests and no suspect information has been shared.

Here's an interactive graphic of the park and ride's lot, located not far from the intersection of East Albrook Drive and Peoria; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

And here's the first Denver Police Department tweet about the incident:

We've reported about violence on this stretch of East Albrook in the past.

In June 2009, Morrail Bell was killed in a parking lot at 12585 East Albrook.

And a mile or so up the road, on the 13800 block of East Albrook, father-of-four Bobby Brown was slain in September 2015, allegedly by Jessie Oliver.

This time around, according to Fox31, the initial version of events proved inaccurate.

RTD originally maintained  that a 25-year-old passenger got off a bus and walked about twenty feet before being shot, at which point he crawled back toward the bus.

Later, however, the RTD retracted the statement, saying the man hadn't been a bus passenger.

Instead, the DPD believes an argument took place in this portion of a nearby shopping center:

Shots were exchanged, with the victim ultimately making his way across the parking lot to the vicinity of the bus.

Within minutes of the first DPD tweet above, the police had declared the crime a homicide.

Thus far, however, neither the name of the victim nor any suspect information has been released.

Look below to see Fox31's report about the crime.

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