Fight Back Colorado asks what House Speaker Frank McNulty should do next

Should House Speaker Frank McNulty work as a fry cook at a certain "hate chicken restaurant"? Fight Back Colorado, a group devoted to defeating lawmakers in November's election who voted against a bill to legalize civil unions, wants to know. Though the group hasn't announced which lawmakers it will target, it has launched an online game that asks players to choose a new career for McNulty, who it says "abused his power to block civil unions."

Called "Farewell Frank," the game offers three possible career changes: hate chicken restaurant fry cook, spin-class instructor and undertaker. Each job is accompanied by a witty description of why McNulty would be a good candidate for that new career.

"This is an online game to keep people engaged and to identify additional supporters of our effort," says Fight Back Colorado treasurer Roger Sherman, who speaks publicly for the group. "Our goal, clearly, is to change the majority of the House and ensure we have a pro-equity majority.... That likely means (McNulty) could not be speaker of the House because Republicans will not be in the majority."

But is he a target? Sherman won't say. McNulty, a Highlands Ranch Republican, may be hard to unseat given the makeup of his district. Even though he's listed as a potential mark on Fight Back Colorado's website, Sherman has promised that the group will be strategic. "We'll take into consideration the input we get, and we'll line that up with the other analysis we're doing on each race to see where we can be most effective," he tells Westword.

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