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* While he was with Angela, who was pregnant at the time: "I grabbed her and shook her violently while I yelled at her that I knew she was lying and that I knew she had fucked my teammates. I shoved her against the wall and against a closet door, and I kept screaming at her...I started slapping her, but slapping her just wasn't enough. So I pushed her and she fell into the closet." To revive her, Johnson splashed water on her from the toilet.

* While he was with Bettina: "At the height of the argument, she charged at me like she was going to knock the shit out of me or scratch me or something, and I stuck my foot out to stop her. She ran right into my foot, and the blow caught her in the stomach and knocked the wind out of her. She went down to the ground and was gagging like she was going to throw up."

* He impregnated Ana and then deserted her, but he kept returning to see her to have sex. Once he showed up at her workplace. As he tells it: "She screamed that I was never going to see my daughter again, and that just made me absolutely crazy. I lost control. I grabbed her by the shoulders and started shaking her and yelling at her. I shook her like a fucking rag doll. Then I threw her on the ground and told her that I would 'fucking kill her' if she didn't let me see my daughter."

* In 1990 the News tore the cover off his life by speaking with the women The Vance abused. "He knew where to hit you--where it wouldn't show," said Ana. "His favorite place was on the shoulder and arms--never the face." The Vance heatedly denied ever hitting anyone. He told the News: "I never beat anyone. Everybody has been slapped around a bit in their life...but I haven't beat up anyone--ever." He cried. He was humiliated by the bad publicity. Chri stood up for him, but they had a fight. "We were yelling and screaming and at one point she pushed me, so I pushed her back. She tripped over something, fell and hit her head on the corner of the dresser." Holly, who was later to become his third wife, recalled, "I knew that Vance was a really sensitive person and that an article like that would just destroy him inside."

Holly, an integral part of Johnson's "confessional," wrote that he never hit her. But she described screaming arguments in which she threatened to call the police on him numerous times.

Eternally self-aggrandizing, The Vance took advantage of the O.J. Simpson case to present himself as a reformed woman-beater who would have wound up like O.J. if he hadn't gotten help.

Of course, as he told interviewers, O.J. once advised him on how to handle his domestic life.

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