Flickr's Ten Saddest Roadkill Pics

In this week's Westword, Alan Prendergast reports on a growing chorus of animal-rights advocates calling for more wildlife crossings throughout Colorado. Not convinced taxpayer money should be spent on bridges for deer and bison? These photos -- ten of the worst available Flickr photos of road kill -- might change your mind. Might.

Nightly-news-type warning: Some of these images are not suitable for the squeamish. Especially if you just ate.

1. "Standing There (Roadkill)," by Steffe 2. "The quick and the dead," by Vermin Inc 3. "Roadkill goanna," by woodring 4. "Road Kill," by notsomuch 5. "Road kill rat," by Chris D 6. "Roadkill," by estherase

7. "Road Killed Long Tailed Weasel in Winter Coast," by Fool-on-the-Hill
8. "squishedserpant," by topherus9. "Road killed possum," by Velaia10. "Burger King," by a shadow of my future self

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