Flipping off Obama in Grand Junction

President Barack Obama's Saturday appearance at Central High School in Grand Junction was a consistently civil event, particularly compared to healthcare town halls like

the one staged by Representative Ed Perlmutter earlier this month

. But predictably given the number of national media representatives in town to cover the get-together, there was plenty of hubbub outside the gymnasium where Obama spoke -- and no lack of grandstanding. Above, check out a clip of a man who proudly gave the finger to Obama's motorcade. The highlight? HIm narrating his daring move with the line, "Getting ready for the flip-off...." Hope he didn't pull anything.

After the jump, check out two more videos: a photo montage that attempts to equate healthcare opposition to patriotism by substituting natural sound for a stirring rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." as well as footage featuring a woman sure that the current plan won't let her keep her current doctor, but uncertain what part of the bill creates this edict. She also points out that Obama isn't God, because only God is God. Betcha it says that right on His driver's license. His truth is marching on!

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