Flu-related absences rising at Fairview Elementary, Knapp Elementary

Denver Public Schools spokesman Michael Vaughn has come through with the names of more

DPS facilities seeing big absences due to the flu

, be it H1N1/swine flu or the seasonal variety, along with specific percentages. He'd previously mentioned

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Columbian Elementary School

, at 2925 W. 40th Avenue: Attendance there is at 90 percent, compared to 96 percent at the same time last year. The discrepancy is higher at

Knapp Elementary

, 500 S. Utica Street; currently, attendance is at 87 percent, down from 96 percent last year. However, the most extreme differences offered by Vaughn relate to Fairview Elementary, 2715 W. 11th Avenue. Last week, Fairview's attendance was

76 percent

; last year, it was 97 percent.

Stop home and get better, kiddies. You'll breathe easier if you do.

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