Former CU Buff Ted Johnson featured on 60 Minutes. Here's hoping he remembers it in 20 years ...

On CBS last night, 60 Minutes added to the pile recent stories about brain damage being suffered by NFL football players. Among the story's lead characters was former Colorado Buffalo Ted Johnson, who went on to star for the New England Patriots.

Johnson's post-career life has been marred by health and other issues, including drug addiction, depression, and other things that seem to beset a lot of guys who once made a living running head first into the angry Kias that are their fellow football players.

Johnson, the subject of a stirring 5280 profile a while back, tells 60 Minutes he suffered more than 50 concussions and often couldn't see or remember the plays when the ball was snapped. Hard to believe, but he'll probably accomplish more as an advocate for research and player safety than he did as a Patriot, with whom he won three Super Bowls.

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