Is this a Broncos pride sculpture — or do we just wish it were?
Is this a Broncos pride sculpture — or do we just wish it were?
Milt Cancanon on Facebook

Four Amazing Feats of Broncos Pride for Orange Friday

Today is officially Orange Friday, as proclaimed by Mayor Michael B. Hancock, and buildings all over the city will get lit up in orange and blue to celebrate the home team. But the celebrations have spilled far beyond Denver, all the way to a sculpture hoax in Asia. Keep reading for three amazing shows of Broncos pride...and one that comes close enough.  

4. Broncos Snow Sculpture Hoax
Social media was abuzz yesterday about the Broncos snow sculpture shown above, reportedly from the Steamboat Winter Carnival. Originally posted by Milt Cancanon on Facebook, the photo has spread around the web. But after further digging through the snow, we found that the creation was actually made at Asian ice-sculpture festival called the Harbin Ice Festival. Still, those Broncos can use support wherever they find it around the globe.

Four Amazing Feats of Broncos Pride for Orange Friday
Photo by Lars Leber on Facebook

3. The Orange Manitou Incline
Fitness fanatics braved the cold on Wednesday night, running up the Manitou Springs Incline with orange lights in hand. The result is best seen in this stunning photo taken by Lars Leber, who slowed down the camera and caught a time lapse of the light, creating a bright orange glow up the mile-long vertical staircase up the mountain.

2. Go Broncos Super Bowl 50 Light Display
Nederland resident Andrew Titchiner helped his neighbor, eighty-year-old David Shortridge, who's blind, create this show of support. "David is a huge Denver Broncos fan and wanted to show that, so he and I built this 100-foot light display on his back fence," Titchiner says. The light installation reads "Go Broncos Super Bowl" in green, orange and blue. "He has had the light display on for every game of the season, and since the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl, has had it on 24/7," Titchiner adds. "It has been the talk of the town recently, and often you can see traffic slowing down to look at it as they drive past." Go Broncos, indeed.

Mural "Be Ware" by Gamma Gallery at Project Colfax.
Mural "Be Ware" by Gamma Gallery at Project Colfax.
Lindsey Bartlett

1. DeMarcus Ware Mural by Gamma Gallery
This epic Broncos mural painted by Gamma Gallery is part of Project Colfax, a new urban-art installation that sits on East Colfax Avenue at Williams Street and incorporates the visions of nearly thirty artists. Gamma is both a major street artist and a big Broncos fan, and he's painted several murals of Peyton Manning — including one of Manning on the south-facing wall of the original Monkey Barrel when the Broncos were last in the Super Bowl. DeMarcus Ware loves the new piece. "If this mural ain't one of the coolest things I've seen," he says on Instagram. "Much respect."

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