Frank Lewis: Is he the $83 Bandit? Denver Police say they've got his number

Among the many nicknames given bank robbers by the FBI's Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force (profiled in this Westword feature), the $83 Bandit may be one of the strangest. According to a Joel Warner blog about another wanted man with a clever moniker, the Shaggy Bandit, the $83 Bandit earned his handle because the bank notes he used in his crimes "often included odd numbers that have the numeral 3 in them."


Cut to yesterday, when the Denver Police Department busted a man shortly after the robbery of a U.S. Bank branch on Colorado Boulevard -- and officers believe he's the $83 Bandit himself. Real name? Frank Lewis -- an appellation so ordinary that, if he's guilty of the fourteen bank robberies of which he's suspected, the task force clearly did him a favor. Look below for more details in a DPD release:

On February 18, 2010, at approximately 1:55 p.m., the U.S. Bank located at 730 Colorado Blvd. was robbed. Shortly after that robbery a Denver Police Officer observed a suspicious party leaving the area. The party was later contacted at 7th Ave and Ash Street and taken into custody without incident. This party has been identified as Frank Lewis 10-01-72 was arrested for bank robbery. He is believed to be the $83 Dollar Bandit who is responsible for 14 bank robberies in the Denver Metro Area. These robberies are being investigated by the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and the Denver Police Department. There will not be a photo released at this time pending further investigation.

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