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Frankie Brown and Ian Rush's Lewd Act by Waffle House Leads to Big Pot Bust

As we've noted in several recent posts, marijuana use that's legal in Colorado can still lead to serious punishment in other states.

This lesson is being learned the hard way by a couple recently busted in Florida: Pensacola resident Frankie Brown and Ian Rush, from Twin Lakes, Colorado.

But the pair rose to the top of the Schmuck of the Week roster not because of their peccadillo with Colorado pot a long way from Colorado, but due to the way they were busted.

They first came to the attention of authorities because they were allegedly getting nasty in the parking lot of a Waffle House.

So nasty, apparently, that they didn't realize that kids could see them in action.

The report comes courtesy of the Madison County Sheriff's Office in Madison, Florida.

At about 11:45 p.m. on November 27, according to the MCSO, deputies were dispatched to the aforementioned Waffle House, located at 145 SE Bandit Street.

The report: "two subjects engaged in a Lewd/Lascivious act in the presence of minors."

What, exactly, was the act occupying the pair?

The report doesn't specify beyond noting that it took place inside a 2015 Subaru.

But given that the phrase "Lewd/Lascivious act" is mentioned twice more, with the key words capitalized in each citation, it must have been pretty intriguing.

Shortly thereafter, Rush and Brown were arrested — after which officers are said to have "detected the odor of marijuana" emanating from the Subaru.

At that point, the deputies deployed "Canine Max" — and in this photo, he seems really excited by what he found.

The MCSO says that assorted buds, powder, seeds, bricks and paraphernalia were located inside a back pack and a couple of tote bags.

Rush allegedly maintained that he'd picked up nine pounds of cannabis "while in Colorado." But the sheriff's office puts the actual total at 17.5 pounds.

The resulting beefs against the pair start with "Lewd/Lascivious Exhibition in the presence of a minor."

But they quickly escalate to possession of marijuana with intent to sell and smuggling a Schedule 1 narcotic into the state.

And all because the best place they could find to get frisky was the parking lot of a Waffle House.

Look below to see the booking photos of Rush and Brown.

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