Gail Schoettler has the final word on vagina-gate

The stir over KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles's use of the names "Vagina DeGette" and "Vagina DeJet" in reference to Congresswoman Diana DeGette has pretty much run its course -- which is precisely what Clear Channel Denver exec Kris Olinger hoped when she ordered Boyles to drop the topic. But today's Denver Post lobs one last shot in his direction, this one courtesy of former Colorado lieutenant governor (and onetime gubernatorial candidate) Gail Schoettler. And at least "Boyles' Talk Show Antics Distract From Critical Debate," Schoettler's op-ed, includes an oddball anecdote along with the requisite scolding. She writes:

Years ago, when I was running for governor, a Denver talk show host invited my primary opponent to chat with him on his show. I was not invited to participate. Midway through the program, they decided it would be a kick to call me.

My husband answered the phone and told them I was in the shower. That resulted in a series of speculations and chortles from both of them about how I looked in the shower.

Frankly, I think it's a good thing when politicians shower. Just because some of them do things that stink doesn't mean they should.

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