Gambling with Homer: Breaking even in Rocktober

Homer Duggins is the biggest sports fan in Denver and Westword's gambling, uh, "expert." Read his dispatches every Friday in the Latest Word sports section.

What an incredible week it was for Denver sports! Good thing it's chilly now too, because it get really hot wearing my Sakic jersey on top of my Helton jersey on top of my Royal jersey. But it's worth it. Do you know why? Because I love the MILE HIGH!!!

And did I mention that I'm only an Abe Lincoln from breaking even. This week is when I start to make that Christmas/Hanukkah money.

Gotta start with Rocktober, baby! What's sffoyalp spelled backwards? That's right: Playoffs, and that's where my Rockies are going. I have to tell you, I've been thinking this team was playoff-bound since the first day of the season. Some doubters doubted during the first few months, but I knew what that was -- it was the Rocks making things interesting, adding a little adrenaline. And now, it has worked.

It's amazing. A new hero every day. They should be called the HERO ROCKS, and in my book, they are. And as for the wild card: wild-card shmild-card. I'd be floored if the boys don't sweep the Dodgers over the weekend and bring home the NL West!


Of course, that wasn't all. The Broncos crushed the Raiders, proving once again why God made sunsets orange and blue.

And there was Joe Sakic. A moment of quiet, please, for the man who is arguably the greatest hockey player in all of history. Retire his number 19? They ought to retire the letters S-A-K-I-C.

Anyway, onto the gambling:

Last week: September 25-October 1 Can you say "easy money?" I can, with help from the Orange and Blue. Broncos 23, Braiders 3: +$100 Denver's Lendale White got his touchdown (I told you so), but the Titans lost to the Jets. Memo to Titans: Maybe you give our guy the pigskin more often: -$110 BYU crushed the Rams and covered the spread. Temporary glitch: -$100 The Rockies took two of three from Matt Holliday and the Cardinals: +$165

Weekly total: Up $55 Yearly total: Down $5

This week: October 2-8

NFL America's team. In case you didn't know, that's what they call the Dallas Cowboys. Why? Well, that's a very good question, because I am an American and I have certainly never, EVER rooted for the Cowboys. A bunch of overpaid pretty boys if you ask me. What steams me even worse is that they are favored by 4 over my Broncos at Invesco. I think you know which American team MY money is on!

NCAA Well, it's been a rough start for my Buffs and my Rams, but that's why they invented the word "comeback," right? Bring it on, Idaho! My Rams are favored by 7.5 points. I think they'll beat em by at least 8, so give me that.

MLB Okay, I think I've made my position clear. Rockies sweep to take the NL West. Even better is that the Dodgers are favored tonight (-130), which means I'm going to make some money riding out destiny.

NHL No odds yet on the Avs game against the Canucks, but I've got my bookie on speed dial.

Tune in next week to see how I fared.

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Homer Duggins