Gambling with Homer: Down a Franklin but still feelin' good

Hello, sports fans. My name is Homer Duggins and I've been a monster Denver devotee for, like, my whole life! When I was a kid, I totally asked my parents to paint my room blue and green for the Denver Zephyrs, and I wore black and gold to school every day for a year after the Buffs won the national championship in 1990. Man that was great.

So this year, I've decided to put my money where my mouth's been -- and believe me, my mouth has been in a lot of places! I mean, sports-wise. Anyway, I don't know much about odds and lines, but I do know this: The Broncos Rule! And so do the Rockies and the Avs and Nugs! And that's just the big four. The world is about to witness big comebacks from CU and CSU, and if the Rapids aren't MLS Cup champs this November, I'll eat my Preston Burpo-signed socks!

With teams this great, I figure I can't lose. Right?

This past week was my first time betting, and I did okay. I mean, I lost a couple hundred bucks thanks to CU and the Rockies, but those are two teams that are only getting better! I figure it's only a matter of time before I'm rollin' in it. So, each week through the Super Bowl, I'll tally up my wins and share them right here on the Latest Word blog. Read on to see where I stand and to read my picks for this weekend. I'm telling you, I've got a great feeling about this!

Last week: September 11-17 The Broncos -- who were somehow underdogs, despite their awesomeness -- used a well-designed trick play (yeah, you heard it here first) to crush the lowly Cincinnati Bengals 12-7. I took the points and the Broncs (obviously): +$100 The Rockies lost two of three to the Giants (they're just taking a breather): -$100 The CU Buffs were favorites (-4), but they lost to Toledo; I don't really want to talk about it: -$110

Total: Down $110

This week: September 18-24: NFL The Broncos are favored by three over the Cleveland Browns at Invesco. Three?!? Are you kidding me? Have the oddsmakers even been to Mile High? (Are they a mile high?) I'll take that three because the Broncos at home are going to destroy the Browns by at least 24! I'll lay the points for $100.

NCAA The CU Buffs are favored by seven over Wyoming. I'm glad to see that no one is picking Wyoming. The Cowboys may have looked tough in the first half against the Longhorns last week, but c'mon, we're talking about the Buffs here. Sure they lost their first two, but now they have things in order. I'm still calling BOWL GAME! And I'm giving up the seven.

MLB With the Great Jason Marquis on the bump, the Rockies are favored (-150) against the Diamondbacks. Guess you know where my $150 is going -- tonight and all next week. Go Rockies!

Tune in next week, when I'll be back in the black thanks to the purple and black.

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Homer Duggins