Gambling with Homer: The Broncos are Super Bowl-bound

Homer Duggins is the biggest sports fan in Denver and Westword's gambling, uh, "expert." Read his dispatches every Friday in the Latest Word sports section.

What's that noise? It's a little whisper I keep hearing, a whisper becoming louder and louder, blowing on the wind until it becomes a roar drowning out every other sound. The noise? I think you probably already guessed, didn't you? SUPER BOWL!!!

That's right. You know you've thought about it, and if you haven't, well, then I've thought about it enough for both of us. Because no one, and I mean no one, can deny that our Mighty Denver Broncos have to be considered the favorite to get there right now.

How can I say that this early in the season? Uh, do the numbers 79-26 mean anything to you? They should, because that's the combined scores of the Broncos last four games, the games that gave us a 4-0 record. And if that doesn't convince you, then maybe this will: We have already played through the hardest part of our entire schedule!

Yeah, before the season started, it looked like the hard part would come later, but think about it: This week, we play the Patriots, the 3-1 Patriots who are missing their number-one RB, Fred Taylor, and are led by a QB who's scared of getting another hang nail. Yeah, you heard me, Brady! Plus, the student becomes the master on Sunday when our new mastermind, Josh McDaniels, shows the world who the new Bill Belichik is.

After that, it's San Diego, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington and San Diego, which translates into: pathetic meltdown team; washed up, 2-2 Steelers; the worst team in the NFL; and pathetic meltdown team again. Then it's the Giants, K.C., the Colts, the Raiders, the Eagles, K.C. again to finish out the season.

My prediction: 17-0

Now, on to the gambling:

Last week: October 2-8

A thrilling comeback. Broncos 17 Dallas 10: +$100 Idaho beat the Rams by 2, but didn't cover the spread: +$100 The Rockies won the game I bet on; they should have won the rest: +$130

Weekly total: Up $330 Yearly total: Up $325

This week: October 9-15

NFL It's the fiftieth anniversary of the League, and the Broncos and Patriots will be wearing their old throwback uniforms. In 1959, the Broncs beat the "Boston" Patriots 13-10 in the first-ever AFL game. They'll do it again this week.

MLB Vegas hasn't laid odds on tomorrow's Game 3 NLDS Rockies matchup in Denver against the Phillies, so I'm going to bet my cousin Otto $100 that the Rocks win. I'm also betting him that they win Game 4 on Sunday for another $100. I hate Otto.

NCAA Texas is favored by 32 over my Buffs. Yowza. No way the Longhorns cover.

Colorado State is favored by 7.5 over Utah. Go Rams!

Tune in next week to see how I did.

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