Gamer's day in court postponed while other gamers LOL

There's no word yet on whether a boisterous game of PlayStation will lead to a criminal record for Sean Duffy. Duffy, a 38-year-old former emergency medical technician, was arrested by the Aurora police in December after they responded to his apartment for a noise complaint.

They claim Duffy violently resisted when the police tried to arrest him for disturbing the peace, resulting in additional charges against him. Duffy, however, claims the cops beat him up and has filed a complaint against three of the officers involved in the arrest.

On February 17, Duffy and his lawyer, Jeffrey Gard of Boulder, went to court to meet with a prosecutor from Aurora. But according to Duffy and Gard, nothing much happened. The case was referred to a different city prosecutor, and that prosecutor and Gard are scheduled to meet March 17. Gard says he hopes to get Duffy's resisting arrest and assault charges dropped.

But, Gard says, "If I don't have a deal, I'm going to go trial. I'm pretty sure I can win this case."

Meanwhile, the story about Duffy's plight, which appeared in last week's Westword, has been posted to several gaming websites, including Kotaku, which featured a re-written version of the story by former Rocky Mountain News staffer, and current Kotaku writer, Brian Crecente.

The Kotaku post inspired some interesting comments from gamers, especially concerning Duffy's choice of video game, 2005's MVP Baseball.

Consider this post, from someone calling himself "Chad Bear": "I loled when I read 'MVP Baseball.' It would be like getting a noise complaint while watching Steel Magnolias."

Or this one, from "i like me:" "at least it wasnt halo."

"Angled," who responded to a post about Duffy on the message board Anime-Forums, said this: "MVP Baseball 2005 on PS2?? This guy is so last gen, maybe the beating will force him to move on."

And "Arrowhead352" theorized about the real reason for Duffy's arrest: "Blasphemy!!! The po-po are just jealous of his aw3s0m3 guitar hero skillz. lol :P"

The police reports don't contain any clues pointing to whether that's true. As for Duffy, he says he's not mad at gamers for poking fun at his vintage taste. But they may not be able to rib him much longer. Duffy says he recently bought Madden NFL 09 -- a game he hopes will keep him quieter, less rowdy and out of trouble.

"I'm so miserable at it that I don't get excited at it yet," he says.

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