'Gimme my Big Mac or I'll shoot': Cop accused of wielding gun in drive-through

A Denver cop is accused of pulling his gun in an effort to speed up his drive-through order at an Aurora McDonald's in May, the Post is reporting. From their story:

A Denver police officer faces felony menacing and weapons charges based on an allegation that he pointed a pistol to speed up his order at an Aurora McDonald's in May.

An employee at the McDonald's at 18181 E. Hampden Ave. told investigators that two officers were waiting for their order at the drive-through window in the early morning hours when Derrick Curtis Saunders, 29, grew impatient and pulled a weapon.

Obviously, this is ridiculous behavior by the offending officer. I mean, who pulls a gun over McDonald's? Jack in the Box, maybe, or In 'n' Out if you're in California. A Sonic corn dog, even. But McDonald's? That's just silly.

I called the McDonald's in question, at 18181 E. Hampden Ave., and tried to get the manager to tell me what the dude was trying to order. Shockingly, she didn't bite. But it makes me wonder: What fast food would you pull a gun over?

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Joe Tone
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