Glenn Beck calls out Ward Churchill, who appears at an Arizona protest (video)

Former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill lost his job in Boulder, but he hasn't given up on schools altogether. He recently turned up in Tucson, where he was spotted participating in a protest at a Tucson Unified School District Board meeting by a giddy Glenn Beck.

The protest, which turned rowdy, involved students who were opposed to proposed changes in the ethnic studies program; the students chained themselves together and were eventually removed by police in riot gear. The action was caught on camera, and ultimately made its way to Beck.

Churchill was fired by CU after he made controversial comments about the victims of 9/11, and a subsequent study of his work showed instances of plagiarism. A long legal battle ensued, ending in November 2010 when an appeals court rejected Churchill's efforts to get his old job back.

Narrating video of the protest on his Fox show, Beck pointed out Churchill and asked, "What on earth is he doing in Tucson, probably looking for a job...Do you remember how upset people were just a few years ago when he was teaching in a college classroom. Now, imagine this guy is now rounding up little troops in high school. Where's the outrage? Where is it?"

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