Glenn Beck co-host Pat Gray: AZ illegals aren't like pre-WWII Jews in Germany -- because the Jews were citizens

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott McInnis likes Arizona's controversial new immigration law a whole lot more than does Representative Jared Polis, who told Politico that requiring immigrants to have their papers on them at all times is "absolutely reminiscent of second class status of Jews in Germany prior to World War II," and suggested that Arizona "is headed for a police state."

These remarks have gotten attention locally from the likes of Senator (and Shmuck of the Week favorite) Dave Schultheis, whose take is on view below. But more notably, Polis spurred a jarring exchange between syndicated yakker Glenn Beck and his co-host, Pat Gray, who questioned the comparison of pre-WWII Jews in Germany and illegal immigrants because at least the former were German citizens.

Here's the key part of the conversation, from yesterday's broadcast:

GLENN: All right. Okay, then I guess we should play this Nazi reference. We're getting so used to saying that we couldn't use Nazi references but now that the left is using them.

PAT: Yeah, Colorado, he told the Politico, so it's in a blog.


PAT: It's Representative Jared Polis from a Democrat from Colorado: It is absolutely reminiscent of second class status of Jews in Germany prior to World War II when they have

GLENN: So hang on just a second. Hang on just a wow.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: So we're comparing now illegal immigrants

PAT: Yeah, to the

GLENN: To Jewish

PAT: Second class Jews, citizens.

GLENN: Jewish Holocaust victims.

PAT: Yeah. Who were, by the way, German citizens and the illegals are not.

GLENN: I don't care if the Jews were citizens or not. I mean, I don't think we should round anybody up and put them on a train and gas them and

PAT: No.

GLENN: destroy their bodies. I

PAT: That's true.

To underscore the last part of the chat, neither Beck nor Gray are endorsing an immigrant holocaust, so breathe easy. As for Schultheis, he calls the comments by Polis, who's Jewish, "an embarrassment to the citizens of Colorado." Given that Schultheis compared Barack Obama to 9/11 hijackers last November, that's a subject he undoubtedly understands intimately.

Here's Schultheis's slap at Polis, courtesy of the Colorado Senate GOPj:

DENVER -- State Senator Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, today slammed U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, for comments the Boulder lawmaker made regarding immigration enforcement legislation recently enacted in the state of Arizona.

Polis 00 a co-author of several bills in Congress designed to provide amnesty and pave the way for a variety of taxpayer funded benefits for illegal aliens -- characterized the Arizona law as "[R]eminiscent of second class status of Jews in Germany prior to World War II," and said Arizona is on its way to becoming "a police state."

The Arizona law, which enjoys broad public support, requires police to check with federal authorities on a person's immigration status if officers have already stopped that person for some legitimate reason and have a reasonable suspicion that the person might be in the U.S. illegally. The law makes clear that if the person produces a valid driver's license or other state-issued identification--something nearly every American and legal resident possesses--they are presumed to be in the United States legally.

"Apparently in Congressman Polis's fantasy world, asking someone for their driver's license is the moral equivalent of state-sponsored genocide," said Schultheis, "This kind of irresponsible hyperbole is an embarrassment to the citizens of Colorado."

Presidential administrations of both political parties have ignored immigration laws and essentially looked the other way while tens of millions of foreigners crossed our border illegally or overstayed their visas in recent years. Schultheis noted that those illegal aliens end up in emergency rooms, schools, and jails--leaving state taxpayers to pick up the tab.

"Congressman Polis and other amnesty proponents love to tell us that enforcing the law is not a 'workable solution'," added Schultheis, "But how would they know? It is a strategy that has never been tried."

Schultheis added that local officials like Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper have made the problem worse by supporting so-called "sanctuary policies" - efforts that induce additional illegal immigration, and make it easier for those already in the country illegally to remain here undetected.

"H.L. Mencken once defined a demagogue as one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots." Schultheis concluded, "Congressman Polis most certainly fits that definition."

Schultheis called on Colorado's U.S. Sens. Mark Udall, Michel Bennet and U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette, John Salazar, Betsy Markey, Doug Lamborn, Mike Coffman and Ed Perlmutter to condemn Polis's comments and stand with the people.

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