Glenn Beck refuses to join Peter Boyles's birther crusade

Yesterday, unctuous yakker Glenn Beck guested on Peter Boyles's KHOW talk show -- and of all the topics in all the world that Boyles could have brought up, which one did he raise?

The birther theory.

But while Beck stopped short of calling the supposition that President Barack Obama was born outside the United States total crap, he certainly didn't volunteer to lead the accusatory parade against him -- or erect a billboard about it, either

Beck's claim that the birther subject isn't a winnable argument, and that it serves as a distraction from real issues that could do Obama tangible damage, met with disapproval from the ultra-right World Net Daily site, whose article on the exchange (complete with embedded audio) provides every bit of alleged proof that Obama is an immigrant in a ten-mile radius.

Still, Beck declined to take the bait Boyles so persistently dangled in front of him, suggesting that he may not be quite as cracked as his critics would have us believe.

Which, in a way, is even more frightening.

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