Go green: Hitch a ride to Monday's medical marijuana hearing

Monday is shaping up to be a pot-tastic day. As Joel Warner reported earlier this week, the Colorado Board of Health will hold a hearing to consider tighter regulations on Colorado's burgeoning medical-marijuana trade. And all sorts of stoners, patients, advocates and stoned patient advocates are expected to be on hand to protest the proposed regulations, which would limit each caregiver to just five patients. (Read Joel's piece for more details).

And now Sensible Colorado, a marijuana advocacy group, is making it even easier for interested parties to attend the hearing. They've arranged free buses, presumable stocked with Pringles, to transport people from Fort Collins, Loveland, and the Springs.

Get transportation details after the jump, and check back Monday for coverage of the hearing.

Supporters have organized free buses from the following locations:

Fort Collins: A bus will be at 420 S. Howes at 6:30am and will stop at select "Park and Ride" spots on I-25 South. For reservations contact Adam at 970 690 7591.

Loveland: Bus will leave from 843 Cleveland Ave. in Loveland AT 7:00am. Contact Adam at 970 690 7591.

Colorado Springs Free transportation available. Contact: 719 635 6337.

Please Attend and Help Patients!

WHAT: Board of Health hearing to weaken medical marijuana law and limit patient rights.

WHERE: Turnhalle Room, Tivoli Student Union, Conference Room 250, Auraria Campus, 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver, CO 80204. (Map)

WHEN: Monday, July 20th at 8:30 AM

TAKE ACTION: This is a formal hearing and we NEED you to dress nice and act in a professional fashion. More information and proposed changes at

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Joe Tone
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