Good Parenting? See Facebook Video of Mom Following Truant Daughter to School

Is posting a humiliating Facebook video okay if it's done by a mom trying to get her allegedly truant daughter to stay in school? That's the question posed by a clip shared by Jeannie Crutchfield, a mom in Casper, Wyoming, that shows her trailing daughter Rickilee Durrant through her high school while declaring that she's going to sit beside the teen during the day's classes to make sure she sticks around.

No surprise that the video went viral and attracted the attention of outlets such as 7News, which racked up around 30,000 views for the three-minute opus on its own Facebook page. But is this the kind of parenting that should be encouraged? Decide for yourself: Below, see the original video (if the box is black, a click should start it playing) and a 7News piece featuring Crutchfield explaining her motives.

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