Googie retro sign points to Federal Blvd. car lot frozen in time: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Googie retro signs are most often associated with faded West Colfax motels, but a few of the vintage roadside graphic artworks are scattered along Federal Blvd. The Irving's Used Car sign pictured above is most notable for its festive swoosh-style arrow, which is covered in light bulbs that are seldom lit and points to a car lot that is seldom open. As seen in the big picture below, the available cars suggest that the gate was locked long ago and that the fenced lot is now haunted by the ghost of 1982... As seen in the photograph above, the number of trucks, SUVs and campers that sit on this lot gives the impression that Irving's Used Cars would be attractive to budget-conscious sportsmen. However, the vintage of the vehicles makes it look like they were obtained under mysterious circumstances after the completion of filming the movie Deliverance.

Even if the locked gate on the fence projects the feeling that this is a place where sportsmen check in... but they don't check out, Irving's Used Cars is also preserving a slice of sportsmens' history that has long since passed. Welcome, hunters!

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Kenny Be
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