Google Maps unveils bike directions for Denver

Just in time for the warmer weather, Google Maps has released navigation directions for those on bikes. And Denver's among of the first cities around the country to get the service.

As seen in the screen capture above, the program highlights downtown bike trails (dark green) as well as streets with dedicated bike lanes (light green). When calculating directions the service has a preference for such routes, as well as streets featuring moderate elevation gains and light traffic.

Still, the Denver version of the program has at least one major glitch: It recommends cyclists cruise down the 16th Street Mall, even though the thoroughfare is usually off limits to two-wheelers. Some high-level Googler should go into the system and nix that route as an option -- or at least have the program offer pedal-powered scofflaws the fastest escape routes off 16th Street when the Mall Nazis come chasing after them.

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