Got the swine flu? Prepare to be eliminated!

Concern over swine flu may be waning, but that didn't stop one trenchcoat-ed, nunchuck-ed man from taking H1N1-related matters into his own hands, Mortal Kombat-style.

As the Summit Daily News reports, a man claiming to be a "karate master" was reportedly kicked off a bus en route from Denver to Los Angeles last week after spotting a fellow passenger he thought looked swine flu-ish and attempting to "eliminate her by grabbing her throat."

It seems that the karate master was eliminated instead. He told the police he was booted off the bus in Silverthorne and ended up on the I-70 median. That's where the cops found him after receiving reports of a man screaming and waving his arms at cars in the middle of the highway.

When an officer approached him, he started swinging a pair of nunchucks he had tucked into his waistband. Later, he confessed that he wasn't allowed to carry nunchucks in Colorado. He also said he was 468 years old and being hunted by priests, nuns and monks.

Although the Karate Master's intentions of saving the world -- or at least a busload of folks headed to L.A. -- from a potentially deadly flu pandemic were noble, his execution clearly needs work. Sounds like he could learn a thing or two from the Wall Creeper, arguably Colorado's best-known superhero, and probably not the kind of guy who'd try to eliminate someone on a Greyhound. Just saying.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.