Gourmet food truck camouflage escapes notice of city regulators: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

Camouflaged as an emergency response vehicle, the gourmet food truck pictured above is able to move and park freely throughout the city without being hassled by Denver code enforcement officers. With rolling panels pulled shut, the Lunchtime Emergency Unit escapes the attention of city regulators even as it feeds hordes of hungry hipsters... As seen in the photograph above, seafood truck vendors can completely avoid Denver's fishy food truck guidelines all together by converting an old ambulance into a "Clambulance." Below, the perfect evasion vehicle for the lunch police... A soup vendor using the bomb-squad camouflage pictured above could park her gourmet food truck in the middle of the 16th Street Mall in the middle of the day. Code enforcement officers on the lookout for garishly colored bakery wagons would think this set-up was just another police response to a terrorist threat and steer clear of it completely. Below, see how food truck camouflage will also help cupcake wagons in their need for speed... The Denver Parafoodics pictured above will absolutely require ambulance camouflage -- and speed -- to rush their foodstuffs to people who no longer have the time to make or even go get the food they need for survival.

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