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Gregg Moss Is Leaving 9News — Again

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Longtime 9News personality Gregg Moss is leaving the station.

And while he's done so in the past, only to subsequently return, he writes in a Facebook announcement that "this one feels like the last."

As we noted in a 2009 post, the self-proclaimed "business boy" cut back on his duties in 2003 and 2006, due in part to his struggles with debilitating arthritis. Then, in 2009, he split to serve as the chief marketing officer for Alem International Management Inc., a Louisville firm.

The next year, Moss returned to the fold, with 9News executive Patti Dennis telling us at the time that he wanted to "pursue his outside business interests and do television at the same time" — though she admitted that "coming to that conclusion took him and me a little bit of time" due to the prospect that conflicts of interest might arise. However, she continued, "Most of the work he'll be doing when he's not at Channel 9 will be in the nonprofit sector, as well as some work for the company he left — and most of that is not in-state and won't be a conflict."

This time around, however, Moss is going to be spending his energy at Mile Hi Church, a religious center in Lakewood with which he's associated.

The loss is a significant one for 9News, and for the outlet's viewers. Moss is an extremely likable personality as well as a solid reporter — a rare combination. He'll be missed.

Here's Moss's announcement in its entirety.

Good morning, or good overnight! I want to let you know that today marks yet another "retirement" from 9News. Yes, this will be the third or fourth time since 1993 that I've taken one of my sabbaticals. This one feels like the last.

For the past three years I've been focusing my energies on two passions...9News as a reporter/anchor, and as the operational leader of a very large and wonderful spiritual community — Mile Hi Church.

As the Executive Director at Mile Hi I get to work alongside an amazing team as we support tens of thousands of people every year through the many challenges of life.

As a reporter/anchor I've been blessed with the opportunity to tell stories, empower people with knowledge, and I get to work side-by-side with the most talented group of journalists and friends a person could know.

Alas, the 90 hour work weeks, and some ongoing health challenges, brought me to a turning point about six months ago. After many supportive conversations with my incredible wife, the leadership team at 9, the leadership at Mile Hi, and many generous offers to create a new schedule...I decided it was time to gently put the microphone away.

I close an amazing chapter of my journey this morning full of gratitude for the people who have supported me along the way, gratitude for the amazing people I have worked with and met along the way, gratitude for the adventures that could fill a book, and gratitude for the honor of being invited into people's lives and homes for so many years.

I continue this somewhat new chapter of my life looking forward to seeing many of you still...just not through a tiny screen.

To the past joy and love I've experienced, I say thank you! To the future, I say YES!

Many blessings friends!!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.