Gregory Thomas Burns indicted today for trying to get off plane -- in mid-air

The drunken passenger accused of interfering with a Las Vegas-bound flight that had to land at DIA was indicted in a Denver court today.

Gregory Thomas Burns, a 33-year-old resident of New York who is now grounded in California, told investigators "his drinking alcoholic beverages to an excess caused him to try to open the aircraft's door mid-flight." (Read the indictment and complaint against Burns here and here.)

According to court documents, a passenger who restrained Burns as he allegedly headed toward the cockpit, reported hearing him shout: "I'm getting off this plane. Do you know who you're fucking with?"

Of course, Burns was a bit confused as well. He told investigators he had several drinks at the Dulles International Airport, which caused him to believe he was on the wrong flight. In fact, he thought was still on the tarmac in Virginia.

Burns is accused of interfering with flight crew members and attendants, a felony. He's due in court February 17.

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