Guess Which Colorado Company's Among Ten Least Respected U.S. Businesses

The folks at FindTheBest.com have pulled together lists of the most and least respected companies in America.

And unfortunately, a Colorado firm is on the latter roster.

The data is culled from two rounds of Harris Poll surveys. The first asked 4,000 respondents to list America's most visible companies, while the second requested that 27,000 others rate two businesses that made the cut by the following standards:

• Vision and Leadership
• Social Responsibility
• Emotional Appeal
• Products and Services
• Workplace Environment
• Financial Performance

The results were then converted into a single reputation score that corresponds to these grades:

• 80 & Above: Excellent
• 75-79: Very Good
• 70-74: Good
• 65-69: Fair
• 55-64: Poor
• 50-54: Very Poor
• Below 50: Critical

The ten least respected companies, including the one from Colorado, scored in the "poor" or "very poor" categories.

Look below to count down the "least-respected" top ten, followed by clickable heat graphs showing that data and the info at the opposite end of the scale: the ten most respected companies.

Number 10: Bank of America
2015 Reputation Score: 60.73

Number 9: Charter Communications
2015 Reputation Score: 60.30

Number 8: Comcast
2015 Reputation Score: 60.04

Number 7: Koch Industries
2015 Reputation Score: 59.89

Number 6: Sears Holdings Company
2015 Reputation Score: 59.79

Number 5: Halliburton
2015 Reputation Score: 59.63

Number 4: Monsanto
2015 Reputation Score: 59.18

Number 3: (Colorado-based) Dish Network
2015 Reputation Score: 59.07

Number 2: AIG
2015 Reputation Score: 55.23

Number 1: Goldman Sachs
2015 Reputation Score: 55.07

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