Haley Stanfield Allegedly Did Nothing to Help Dying Baby for Days

Last year, we told you about accusations that Idaho Springs' Haley Stanfield, then twenty, had put a hit on her boyfriend after the death of her fifteen-month-old baby, Logan Burchik.

Stanfield remains behind bars based on this charge.

Now, however, she's facing a new allegation — that she and the aforementioned boyfriend, Joshua Olsen, caused the medical crisis that killed Logan by shaking him, and then did nothing to help him over the next three days.

About 1:40 p.m. on May 6, 2014, as we've reported, Idaho Springs police responded to Stanfield's home after receiving a 911 call to 706 Minor Street, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger MapThe caller claimed Logan was choking. However, the station quotes police as saying some of the injuries the boy sustained didn't fit this description and adds that "the Department of Health and Human Services had been in touch with the family in the past."

The Clear Creek Courant noted that Logan was airlifted from Idaho Springs to Children's Hospital in Denver, where he lingered for several days.

Finally, on May 13, Logan succumbed, with Haley marking his passing on Facebook in a variety of ways. Among them was a collage of photos, including one showing him in the hospital.... well as a memorial message....
...and a video of a young Logan during much happier times:
 In the meantime, the Idaho Springs police moved forward with an investigation into Logan's death — and a news release quoted by the Courant revealed that Stanfield was among those whose actions were being scrutinized.

Then, on May 28, she was arrested on suspicion of soliciting murder — and at a June 18 hearing covered by the Courant, details of the allegations emerged. The gist: Prosecutors believed Stanfield had tried to hire the boy's father to kill her boyfriend, subsequently revealed to be Olsen.

During the session, Stanfield's public defender stressed that she didn't offer Logan's dad any money to kill Olsen, and neither had she purchased a weapon nor set a date by which she wanted him offed.

Deputy District Attorney Bryan Garrett countered by arguing that the plot had been "nipped in the bud" and stated his belief that Stanfield was "quite willing to have him murdered."

The judge in the case apparently felt Stanfield represented either a threat or a flight risk, since she declined to lower the amount of the bond on which she was being held: $50,000.

She's even less likely to be released now. 9News reports that prosecutors now believe she and Olsen shook the child, causing him obvious medical distress — but then failed to seek care for him over the course of the next three days. Only after that much time had passed was the choking incident concocted, they argue.

Here's a look at Stanfield's booking photo.

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