Harold & Kumar, Grey's Anatomy stars visiting Denver for Obama 2012

Turns out that one half of Harold & Kumar just wasn't enough to get Colorado voters excited about reelecting Barack Obama.

In May, Kal Penn, i.e. Kumar, came to a Denver youth summit to promote Obama, and this weekend, John Cho, i.e. Harold, is getting in on the fun and stopping by this key swing state. And Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams will be here, too!

"We don't consider John Cho or Jesse Williams as celebrities supporters," says Kim Parker, Colorado press secretary for the Obama campaign.

The appearance of these celebrities -- er, "supporters" -- is part of the Obama campaign's national "It Takes One" Day of Action" -- marking the 100 day countdown to election day.

Michelle Obama kicked off this part of the campaign last week, asking supporters to take a single action to promote Obama, like knocking on doors, registering new voters, encouraging a friend -- you know, good ol' grassroots organizing!

This initiative underscores a theme that the Obama team in Colorado has been pushing -- that the campaign is going to be successful because of its on-the-ground grassroots organizing efforts and not big money (although the campaign has spent a lot on local TV ads, as well).

"We are asking everyone to take one action in support of the president to grow the campaign," Parker says. "It's really just to show how every single person can make a difference in the election."

She adds: "Volunteers are the heart of the campaign. We have a robust field operation. This weekend of action will allow us to hold events to further attract supporters."

The events on Saturday also highlight another tried and true Obama campaign tactic: famous people! Who are just like the rest of us!

At an event earlier this month, the Obama team brought out former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, who has been traveling the country to promote the president, hoping to secure women's votes and Latino votes.

The campaign is sending Grey's Anatomy dreamboat Williams to the its recently opened Five Points office in the morning, while Cho, who's also featured in the latest Star Trek movie, will be at Colorado's Dragon Boat Festival in the afternoon.

Former Denver Mayor and Obama for America National Campaign co-chair Federico Peña will come out on Saturday along with Senator Mark Udall. Events are happening all day throughout the state, Parker says, adding that the campaign has more than 4,200 scheduled across the country.

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