Hear Slacker's Return to 105.9 Alice After Passing Out on Air, Series of Tests

Last week, we told you about 105.9 Alice afternoon-drive personality Slacker passing out on the air during a September 25 broadcast. The incident was serious enough to keep him away from the Slacker & Steve show Friday and Monday. But he returned to the fold yesterday, seemingly no worse for the wear, as an audio clip below demonstrates.

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On Thursday, as we reported, Slacker, who closely guards his real moniker (he's only revealed that his first name is Michael), was in mid-broadcast when radio listeners heard a thump -- after which the station quickly started playing music.

As for what happened after that, Slacker explained during a quick telephone appearance on Friday's broadcast. He remembers taking a phone call, and the next thing he knew, Steve was "standing over me holding my head."

In response to the exclamation, "Don't act like that hasn't happened before!," Slacker joked, "Usually there's a little more build-up to it."

Afterward, Steve drove Slacker to a nearby hospital -- an experience Slacker characterizes as more frightening than anything else that happened to him. What followed was a battery of tests to determine the cause of him losing consciousness, as well as a flood of well wishes from fans. According to Slacker, he received "3,000 texts."

Here's an audio clip of the call:

Yesterday, Slacker and Steve posted this photo on their Facebook page....

...along with the line, "Back in the studio today! Thanks for all of your well wishes and concern!" Facebook fans responded enthusiastically. Some examples:
Glad you are back!! Hope they don't find anything serious. Best wishes.

So glad you're feeling better Slacker! Will be keeping you in my thoughts and hope it was nothing too serious. Thank you so much for the laughs you bring to the world everyday!!

So glad you're back! But even happier that you're okay! Hopefully it ended up being some fluke and nothing serious! The Race For The Cure wasn't the same without you! Can't wait to listen to you both on the way home!
During yesterday's program, Slacker didn't shy away from mining his situation for laughs. In a "Wouldn't Believe It If I Told Ya" segment accessible below, a caller heard just past the nineteen minute mark tells the story of a friend's husband who was pronounced dead at a hospital but woke up three days later at the morgue. Slacker's response? "Yeah, that's my last day."

Click to hear the audio of Slacker's return.

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