"Heinz of medical marijuana sauces:" Hot Sauce Williams to launch BBQ pot sauce in Colorado

If you're from Cleveland, you've likely heard of Hot Sauce Williams, a barbecue chain that has drawn raves from the likes of Anthony Bourdain. Soon, Coloradans may be familiar with Hot Sauce Williams, too, since the restaurant is getting ready to launch a very special version of its famous sauce here called Pot Sauce Williams -- one that's infused with pot.

As Cleveland business consultant Norm Roulet recently told the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the endeavor, "We hope to make it the Heinz of medical marijuana sauces."

The product, the brainchild of Hot Sauce Williams co-owner Greg Williams and Denver-based cannabis infused products company OrganaLabs, is still months away from being sold at dispensaries statewide -- and a list of locations where it can be purchased has yet to be released.

But when it does hit the shelves, folks should expect quite the wallop. As one fan of the product told the Plain Dealer, "It made you merry. It gave you positive body sensations, good tingles, it was as good or better as any edible product I've tried -- and I've tried a lot. It's da bomb."

Hopefully it tastes good, too.

The bad news? No basting allowed, since the cooking heat will kill the cannabis's potency. Still, it reportedly makes for a great post-grill dipping sauce. Talk about finger-licking good.

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