Highlands Mommies: A list of the best quotes that didn't make it into the cover story

Reporters take a lot of notes.

Like, a lot. Like, I'm writing down what you're saying right now. And not all of those juicy quotes wind up in the final story.

So here, we offer the top five quotes by and about the formidable Highlands Mommies (see iron and rolling pin) that didn't make it into our cover story, "The Mommies."

Andrea Flanagan, portrait photographer and a Highlands Mommy, on the Mommies' power: "I'm annoyed with it, that there is this mystique around it. There's almost this elitism to be with this group. And there's really not. It's just us. If I say I am a Highlands Mommy to someone who is not, they'll say, 'Ohhhhhhhh.'"

Melissa Monforti, music teacher and a Mommy, on the Mommies' impact on northwest Denver: "The Highlands Mommies are badass. These are the moms who are really working in the schools and really working in the community. They are hoofing it from store to store to store to make a community that's sustainable. They're staying in the neighborhood and popping the top of their house ... I've heard people say, 'Yeah, I could leave and get a bigger house, but then I wouldn't have you guys.'"

Anya Thompson, music teacher and a Mommy, on the Mommies' business reviews: "I think the power of Highlands Mommies is not to be underestimated. I think that they kind of have the power to make or break a small business ... Good reviews are one thing. But if someone has a bad day and has a bad experience, they have to be careful as to what they post."

Jaine Murphy, owner of The Village at Edgewater and a Mommy, on the Mommies' high profile: "The Highlands Mommies are definitely on everybody's radar. It's pretty impossible to not know about the Highlands Mommies and know about their influence."

HJ Stalf, city manager of Edgewater, on the Mommies' influence: "My wife says they're like Oprah. I just laughed when she said it. I said, you're absolutely right. If they say, read this book, 800 people read it."

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