Highlands Mommies map: If you don't live within these boundaries, you can't be a Mommy

The Highlands Mommies is an exclusive group. In order to be accepted into what some say is northwest Denver's most powerful organization, you must live within certain boundaries. As described in this week's cover story, "The Mommies," the group accepts mommies (and less frequently, daddies) who live west of Interstate 25 and east of Harlan Street, north of Colfax Avenue and south of Regis University. To illustrate, we made a map, on view below. But why is the group so exclusive? As Mommies managing director Laverne Herrera-Hay explains in the story, "We have no intention of expanding our boundaries. We are very much a community-based organization. Our motto is stay local, buy local -- which means we like to go to DJ's Berkeley Cafe for breakfast as opposed to going to a Village Inn... If we go outside our boundaries, it's not stay local, buy local anymore."

So if you want in, pack a U-Haul and take the hiiiiighway to the Mommie Zone-ah!

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