"I really want Obama to win. I swear."

Hillary Clinton on AM760 this afternoon

Sorry to break it to you, Hillary -- but this is what happens when you almost but don't quite win the Democratic nomination for president. Instead of getting a chance to speak on popular radio stations like KOA and KHOW (as John McCain has in recent weeks) or KS-107.5 (Barack Obama guested there on Tuesday), you're relegated to KKZN, better known as AM760, which makes it into the Denver-radio-ratings top twenty only if you count ties. But at least the folks who'll be listening to host Mario Solis-Marich at 6 p.m. this evening during your live visit are your people -- left leaners thrilled that you're on the road promoting Barack Obama, as you'll be doing this afternoon at General's Park in Aurora. As a bonus, a lot of them probably feel you should've been the one on the top of the ticket, benefiting career-wise from our current fiscal nightmare. Hell, you already had an old Clinton catch-phrase waiting in the wings: "It's the economy, stupid." Politics can be so cruel. -- Michael Roberts


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