HOA horror stories: We want to hear yours

Westword wants to hear your crazy HOA stories.

Did you get a letter telling you to paint your house, even though you recently painted it? Do you have an exuberant board member spying on you (this actually happened)? Or maybe you just think your dues are too high. Whatever it is, send it to hoa@westword.com.

Plenty of people have already reached out. After a recent feature about a Denver-area couple and their tumultuous battle with their homeowner's association, we received an overwhelming response from readers who say they've experienced similar issues with their homeowner's association.

Yes, you opinionated comment posters, we're giving you a platform to bring your HOA issues to the masses. Just send us your HOA horror story -- or maybe a positive take -- and if it makes the cut, we'll feature it in our blog. Libelous material will not be published, so play nice.

Your submissions must include your first and last name and a valid e-mail address, though your e-mail addresses will not be published. Write "My HOA Story" in the subject line.

Here's a good example of an HOA rant from our comment board, posted by Dennis:

"Who in their right minds would want to sit on an HOA board and participate in all the mind numbing activities it entails? Of course, nobody sane. In fact, the only people who would willingly sit on an HOA board, are exactly the types of people who should never be able to. They use the HOA to fill a void in their lives. They immediately abuse other people's money to settle personal vendettas. They have the power to make anyone's life miserable, while being completely insulated from the fallout themselves."

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