Hot Bird-on-Bird Action With Colorado Grouse

Well, hot damn, Colorado Division of Wildlife, look at you stepping up your high-tech game! Go on with your bad self!

Currently up on CDOW’s website at www.wildlife.state.co.us/NewsMedia/Videos is a new video series entitled, “a.m. Colorado.” The videos, which were all filmed in high-definition and recorded in digital audio, look fantastic and capture some of this state’s most unique early-morning wildlife displays -- the kind that most average Joes miss while they’re sleeping it off.

This Joe, however, is far from average. In fact, I recently witnessed the incredible and bizarre early morning courtship display of the Gunnison sage grouse for a story I wrote on the endangered bird. It’s a ritual that is very similar to that of its relative, the greater sage grouse, which is featured prominently on the CDOW site.

Also there are displays by turkeys on the South Platte as well as prairie chickens in Yuma County. The videos are only a couple of minutes long and are so well done that they should be interesting even if you’re not a complete and total bird geek such as myself.

Here’s hoping CDOW keeps ‘em coming. – Adam Cayton-Holland

Greater Sage-Grouse from Colorado Division of Wildlife on Vimeo.

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