How Frontier's Denver Disaster Is Causing Issues, Angering Customers Across the US

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It's been nearly a week since Frontier Airlines' meltdown following a Denver snowstorm, and remarkably, ripple effects from the rash of delays and cancellations (and resulting passenger frustration) continue to be felt across the country.

Examples? Yesterday morning, the Arizona Republic reported that Frontier had canceled flights to and from Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport to Milwaukee and Cincinnati. These cancellations followed ones the day before regarding flights bound for Cleveland, Cincinnati and Des Moines, Iowa.

Meanwhile, the wait time to check a bag for a Frontier flight out of Minneapolis was a reported two hours. And WFTV notes that some passengers at Orlando International Airport have been "stranded for days and days and days."

In addition, the scene around Frontier counters in Philadelphia got so ugly that police were alerted, as witnessed by this video:

And then there's the story Los Angeles-based Brandon Killion shared overnight on Twitter — one that left him so desperate for assistance that he even tweeted the president-elect about it.

At 9:08 p.m. last night, Killion sent this message: "@FlyFrontier send me money. Ridiculous. BAG DROP! Bad!" He followed up just over an hour later with a follow-up salvo that reads, "Over 30 minutes at BAG. DROOOOOPPP. Insane. @realDonaldTrump Donnie T copied here — had to do it. Sorry!"

By 11:18 p.m., Killion's irritation had reached the point where he was blaming Frontier for just about anything that came to mind. He tweeted, "@united @AmericanAir @Delta hey guys @FlyFrontier hates Christmas, America, my kids and doesn't want to Make Flying Great Again. See tweets!"

Then, at 12:12 a.m., Killion offered an even more unfortunate update: "Help! LAX to ORD cancelled by @FlyFrontier @realDonaldTrump @Delta @united @AmericanAir are there no heroes left in America?! MFGA! No quit."

Next, Killion distributed this video capturing the situation:

Finally, at 2:24 a.m., Killion tweeted a photo of a document given to him by a Frontier representative; it's dated December 21, even though it was the 22nd by then.

It begins like so:

Dear Valued Customer,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you're experiencing with us today. In addition to receiving a $200 Frontier voucher, we want to help you get on your way with one of the following options for each passenger:

Option 1: Refund — refund the cost of your ticket (refund plus $200 voucher).

Option 2: Vouchers worth $900 — make your own transportation arrangements and Frontier will provide you a total of $900 vouchers to use for future Frontier travel ($700 plus $200 voucher).

Option 3: Reimburse up to $600 — make your own transportation arrangements and Frontier will reimburse you up to $600 for an economy ticket less any refunds provided (reimbursement plus $200 voucher).

Killion added this message to the image of the letter: "I'm going with option D — pay for another flight with @united and fight @FlyFrontier for my money another day."

By then, with luck, the chaos surrounding Frontier will have dissipated. But given that it's already been six days since that snowstorm hit Denver, there's no guarantee.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.