How much does Anti-Gym's Michael Karolchyk owe to the IRS?

As you've probably heard, the mean ol' IRS shut down the Anti-Gym earlier this month, forcing hundreds of self-hating exercise masochists out into the "fatty lazy" world. But while many media outlets have taken great joy in chipping away at the colossal ego known as Michael "No Chubbies" Karolchyk, no one has bothered to report how much the Anti-Gym owner owes to the feds.

While Karolchyk was spending thousands on television commercials and full-page ads in glossy magazines, he was apparently neglecting to pay unemployment and payroll taxes. According to documents filed with Denver County, Karolchyk is on the hook for at least $184,078.76. The IRS filed its first lien last April for an unpaid balance of $115,978.56 accrued during the first nine months of 2007. Last September, they slapped Karolchyk again, this time with a lien for $68,100.20.

No word yet on whether Karolchyk has any debts from his 2008 taxes. But it's clear that the IRS will be giving the Anti-Gym's tax filing a thorough workout.

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