How Much Space $1,500 Rents You in Denver and Beyond

Since at least 2014, when the owners of the former Hotel VQ began leasing 330-square-foot micro-apartments for $900, local renters have complained about the high prices they were paying for small spaces in Denver.

Of course, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to the cost of rent per square foot in the Mile High City. Last October, our Ana Campbell showed off ten apartments in the metro area going for $1,200, and they ranged from a 490-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bath apartment in West Washington Park to a 1,300-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Aurora.

Now, Rent Cafe has taken a look at the average amount of square footage that $1,500 will rent in the most populous U.S. cities — and while Denver's number doesn't represent the barrel's bottom, as you'll see, we predict that you'll be surprised by the places that typically offer more space for the money.

Below, see the photo-illustrated rundown of the twenty big cities with the highest average rent per square foot according to Rent Cafe, beginning with the worst. Click here to view the original post, How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent You in the 30 Most Populous US Cities?

Number 1: New York City 

Square feet: 271

Price per square foot: $5.54

Average square feet: 727

Average rent: $4,031

Number 2: San Francisco 

Square feet: 342

Price per square foot: $4.38

Average square feet: 748

Average rent: $3,275

Number 3: Boston  

Square feet: 399

Price per square foot: $3.76

Average square feet: 827

Average rent: $3,111

Number 4: San Jose, California  

Square feet: 526

Price per square foot: $2.85

Average square feet: 888

Average rent: $2,532

Number 5: Washington, D.C.  

Square feet: 558

Price per square foot: $2.69

Average square feet: 741

Average rent: $1,996

Number 6: Los Angeles

Square feet: 570

Price per square foot: $2.63

Average square feet: 779

Average rent: $2,050

Number 7: Seattle

Square feet: 607

Price per square foot: $2.47

Average square feet: 711

Average rent: $1,756

Number 8: Chicago

Square feet: 641

Price per square foot: $2.34

Average square feet: 730

Average rent: $1,708

Number 9: San Diego   

Square feet: 698

Price per square foot: $2.15

Average square feet: 848

Average rent: $1,820

Number 10: Philadelphia 

Square feet: 820

Price per square foot: $1.83

Average square feet: 801

Average rent: $1,464

Continue to see more average rents per square foot in ten more cities, including Denver.

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