How Much You Need to Be a 1 Percenter in Colorado & 12 Priciest States for Homes

How much money do you need to be considered a 1 percenter?

The folks at Estately have come up with an interesting way to answer that question.

A new post on the site sets out to "determine the minimum it would cost to buy one of the 1 percent most expensive homes in each state."

And it's no surprise that Colorado winds up near the upper end of the list.

Look below to count down the minimum price tag for the top twelve states on the list, complete with Estately data and photos from the site showing the most expensive home for sale in each at this writing; the one from Colorado clocks in at $33 million. To see the original Estately post, with info about all fifty states, click here.

1. HAWAII — $9,888,888

Most expensive listing: $30,000,000 house for sale in Honolulu, Hawaii

2. CALIFORNIA — $9,750,000

Most expensive listing: $135,000,000 palatial estate for sale in Beverly Hills, California

3. NEW YORK — $9,495,000

Most expensive listing: $120,000,000 townhouse for sale in New York, New York

4. UTAH — $7,690,000

Most expensive listing: $39,000,000 mansion for sale in Springville, Utah

5. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — $6,500,000

Most expensive listing: $13,950,000 condo for sale in Washington, DC

6. CONNECTICUT — $5,695,000

Most expensive listing: $75,000,000 stone manor for sale in Stamford, Connecticut

Continue to keep counting down what it will cost you to be a 1 percenter in the 12 priciest states for homes, including Colorado.

7. FLORIDA — $4,800,000

Most expensive listing: $195,000,000 island beach house for sale in Manalapan, Florida

8. MASSACHUSETTS — $4,500,000

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Most expensive listing: $25,000,000 beach house for sale in Chatham

9. MONTANA — $4,495,000

Most expensive listing: $17,900,000 mountain house for sale in Bozeman, Montana

10. WYOMING — $3,950,000

Most expensive listing: $19,000,000 log and stone estate for sale in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

11. COLORADO — $3,795,000

Most expensive listing: $33,000,000 contemporary house for sale in Edwards, Colorado

12. RHODE ISLAND — $3,500,000

Most expensive listing: $19,000,000 seaside estate for sale in Newport, Rhode Island

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.