How to apply for a Denver recreational pot sales license -- and how many have done it so far

Earlier today, we shared a guide to marijuana licensing hearings from Smart Colorado, an anti-pot group that apparently wants to slow down the process as much as possible. But what about entrepreneurs eager to take part in this new industry? What do they do?

Denver's answers to these questions can be found in a how-to graphic and fact sheet on view below, along with updated information about the number of businesses in a range of categories that have applied for licenses to date. See it all below.

Here are the facts and figures for license applications from the office of Denver mayor Michael Hancock, as updated this week:

Stores -- 121

Grows -- 161

Infused Product Manufacturing -- 26

Testing -- 4

Total = 312

It should be noted that some operations are applying for more than one license. According to the mayor's office, 152 business entities have filed for these 312 licenses. As for the number of shops that will likely be open on January 1, the city's estimate remains twelve, but that's definitely subject to change.

Look below to see a three-page graphic spelling out the steps businesses need to take in order to be licensed. It's a not-terrific photocopy, but if you use the Scribd enlargement tool, you should be able to read everything. That's followed by a city of Denver fact sheet about licensing.

Denver Retail Marijuana Business Licensing Procedure

2013-12-09 Denver Retail Marijuana Business Face Sheet

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