How to fuel up for tonight's Broncos-Steelers game: Breakfast Blitz

Stopped by my neighborhood King Soopers in Ken-Caryl Ranch yesterday and spotted a display guaranteed to catch the eye of any Broncomaniac: stacks of Breakfast Blitz cereal. The munch is manufactured by Triton Innovative Marketing, which

makes cereals featuring assorted pro and college football squads

. The Broncos version has some drawbacks -- namely the featured role of Miles, who'd be the lamest mascot in town if not for Dinger (the lamest mascot in the


), and a recipe that's a blatant ripoff of Honey Nut Cheerios. Then again, there's a great way for true Broncos fans to spice them up: Douse them in one of retired receiver

Ed McCaffrey's four mustard flavors

(Creamy Dijon, Spicy Brown, Jalapeno Mustard and Honey Mustard), or maybe his Rocky Mountain Horseradish Sauce. That should give Miles, and the Broncos (who face off against the Steelers tonight) a real kick.

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