Hulk run on Green Party ticket.

Hulk smash election, Halloween

Vote Hulk. For President. Or Hulk smash!

Need info? See website, Alek’s CONTROLLABLE Halloween Decorations for Celiac Disease. Made by puny human Alek Komarnitsky. Hulk Alec’s friend! Alek win Hulk in contest. Hulk live on Alek’s balcony. Hulk jump in pool. Hulk scare Lafayette neighbors. Without Hulk, Lafayette boring.

Hulk and Alek make Halloween lights. Every year! More lights than Hulk count. Hulk count to four. Lights more than four. Lights wind powered. Not use much electricity. Hulk prefer power lights by smashing. Hulk smash powerful.

Hulk and Alek make Christmas lights, too. Get on TV. But no Christmas now… Halloween! Hulk love Halloween! Love candy! Make Hulk run through wall. Leave Hulk outline.

Sorry. Hulk off track. Puny humans control lights through website. Website little crazy. Give Hulk headache. Hulk hate headache! Make Hulk angry! Hulk take two aspirin bottles. Hulk wait four hours. Hulk smash headache… but not website. Website good. Website let puny human donate money to fight Celiac Disease. Alek’s kids have Celiac Disease. Hulk hate Celiac Disease. Hulk smash Celiac disease… with puny human modern medical science.

Also puny human vote Hulk. For president. On website. No vote McCain. Puny human McCain old. No vote Obama. Puny human Obama pedantic. Vote Hulk! Hulk run on platform of smashing. Hulk smash taxes. Hulk smash war. Hulk smash healthcare. Hulk smash Wall Street. Hulk smash Main Street. Hulk smash everything!

Vote Hulk. Or Hulk smash! Hulk approve message. -- Hulk

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