"I voted" stickers perfect addition to LoHi hipsters' yoga ensembles

At 7:35 a.m., a Colorado Republican Committee radio ad urging people to vote early by mail was airing on KHOW. Too late. I'd just returned from the polling place in my neighborhood -- a neighborhood that has changed drastically in the twenty years I've been voting here.

The neighborhood has a new name -- LoHi -- and what was once a blue-collar enclave has turned into a hipster hangout by night and a rapidly gentrifying area by day, as evidenced by the line at my current polling place, the Mile High United Way office at 18th and Central. At 7 a.m., that line was full of people in yoga pants holding smartphones, paper coffee cups and babies. And all eager to do their civic duty and add an "I voted" sticker to their ensemble.

The crowd was the largest they'd seen, a few poll-watchers said. Even so, half-an-hour, three conversations with neighbors and one political sighting (Denver City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega) later, I was done.

If only the rest of election day across the country could go as smoothly. But if that day-late, dollar-short Colorado Republican Committee ad is any indication, there are glitches galore ahead -- and we could be reliving this endless campaign season for weeks to come.

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