ICYMI: Douglas Bruce Back in Jail, Tivoli Brewing Flying High

The father of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is back in jail. Last week Douglas Bruce was sentenced to two years in prison for violating probation, the latest chapter in a checkered past that the Gazette captured in its cover story, "A Greek Tragedy: The Rise and Fall of TABOR Author Douglas Bruce." "Greeks like to record the rise and the fall of the successful,"Bob Loevy, Colorado College professor emeritus of political science, told the Gazette, "and that certainly describes the situation with Douglas Bruce." When Tivoli Brewing founder Corey Marshall opens his second brewery on the fifth floor of the new Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport, the spot will hold two unusual distinctions: It will be one of the only breweries in the country located on an airport property and it will be one of the only breweries situated so far off the ground. As a result, it will be "a monster challenge," Marshall tells beer writer Jonathan Shikes. “But it’s worth it. It will definitely be a journey, but we are excited to see where that journey takes us.”

The rumors have finally been confirmed: This August, you get to dance yourself clean off the Rocks. LCD Soundsystem will return for two consecutive nights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, on August 2 and 3. Find all the details in our Music story on the LCD dates.
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