If Andrew Romanoff wants it, there's a Colorado Supreme Court seat open

Andrew Romanoff is taking flak from all sides these days, with barbs coming from Republicans and Democrats alike regarding the Obama administration's various "job offers" (some would say "bribes") to persuade him not to run against Michael Bennet.

Now there's another job opportunity waiting in the wings: The Honorable Mary J. Mullarkey is leaving her post as the Colorado Supreme Court's chief justice, which means that Governor Bill Ritter will need to appoint a new justice. The application deadline is July 26, but since Romanoff is busy campaigning for the August 10 primary, we went ahead and answered a few questions on his behalf:

QUESTION 27: If you are now active in partisan politics, would you cease such activity if you are appointed to judicial office?

ROMANOFF: I would, except in the case that I was not appointed. In that case, I would try to get the justice that was appointed fired every time an opportunity to do so arose, and then when the seat opened up, I would re-apply for the appointment.

QUESTION 29: Colorado judges are expected to use computer technology for a wide variety of functions including word processing, legal research, case management, e-filing and e-mail. Do you personally use a computer for any of the purposes listed above or for similar purposes?

ROMANOFF: Yes, I use computers for a number of things. In fact, my campaign staff and I are extremely adept at such obscure applications as allegedly photoshopping minorities into campaign materials. It's cool, though. The minorities we photoshopped were supporters.

QUESTION 31: Describe how you spend your leisure time (including special interests, hobbies, reading preferences, vacation activities).

ROMANOFF: When I'm not on a personal quest to chagrin the Democratic establishment by running campaign with a polished underdog image against a well-liked incumbent, I enjoy reading S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders repeatedly. Pony Boy is my favorite.

QUESTION 33: Please attach a statement not to exceed one page in length, double-spaced, discussing ... the reasons why you wish to be appointed to this vacancy and the qualities you would bring to the bench if appointed.

ROMANOFF: Well, assuming I don't beat Michael Bennet, I'll need a high-profile job--and Obama won't give me one now. If appointed, I promise to use my power to torment Michael Bennet until the day he dies. Or, uh, administer justice and whatnot. If Romanoff does decide to go for the appointment, we wish him luck. An appointment committee will be forwarding its recommendations to Ritter -- and Ritter doesn't seem inclined to appoint Romanoff to much of anything these days....

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Jef Otte
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