Immigrant Hater of the Week: “honest and hard working!”

This week’s hater comes via Tom Tancredo’s presidential campaign blog which recently began featuring a DAILY OUTRAGE column to highlight crimes committed by immigrants. One commenter, the self-identified “M Sirag” typed oh-so-eloquently on the (widely contested) notion that immigrants strain the U.S. economy:

…would you feel better about someone who broke into your house if they demanded payment for washing your dishes instead of just grabbing the money? Is it any less stealing? Not to mention that to work in the US often the illegal alien also steals or buys someone's stolen SSN. So they mess up someone else's life just because they want to work. Now that sounds like someone who's honest and hard working!

Thanks for sharing, MS. And actually, I would like it if someone broke into my house to do my dishes.

-Naomi Zeveloff

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