Immigration rally at North High School in favor of DREAM Act: Photos plus one advocate's take

In yesterday's preview of an immigration rally at North High School in favor of the DREAM Act, which would provide a path for citizenship for certain undocumented graduates of U.S. high schools, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition communications director Alan Kaplan hoped for a turnout in the hundreds. That proved to be optimistic -- but Kaplan was still pleased by the event, seen in photos below: The rally "went well," Kaplan writes via e-mail. "About 40-50 people came out, including elected officials, educators and students. [Denver City Council member] Paul Lopez and [Colorado Representative] Joe Miklosi spoke very well about the need to keep students who want to learn in the country. There were a lot of DREAMers who related their stories and talked about their dreams for the future if the DREAM Act passes."

Overall, Kaplan viewed the rally as "a good start to the advocacy campaign to pass the DREAM Act. Nationwide, there were over 15,000 calls made to senators in support of the DREAM Act, flooding the switchboards. This week, the Senate is planning on holding a cloture vote to let the DREAM Act amendment go through. We are planning actions to coincide with the vote."

Page down to see more photos from the event, courtesy of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition:

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